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Nellie Earrings by Ava

“The Nellie Earrings feature scrap fabric hung underneath a sterling silver, hypoallergenic clasp. With its blooming hues and petal-like finish, the fabric is folded in half and slightly unravelled at the edges. A Marsh Cinquefoil flower is embroidered onto the cloth and tapers down into a tightly wound ball of thread. The visual weight of the ball is balanced with a wooden bead fastened at the very top. The balance of metal, fabric, and bone folds itself into a lightweight statement piece.”

- Ava 

Length - 5.5cm
Width - 2cm
Weight - 1g (.1oz)

**Most, if not all, packaging and shipping materials are plastic free. Any plastic materials included in the shipment of these pieces are repurposed and/or thrifted. Instructions on how to properly dispose of the packaging will be included.